Interview w/ Jui$e Leroy (@JuiSe Leroy)

Major salute on the cover art on Trappy Chan. What inspired it?

First off I’d like to salute y’all for having me, I like the way y’all operate your platform that shit is dope. The Trappy Chan cover art was designed by my guy DJ Swang n Bang ( I told him the look that I was going for, sent him the pictures and he sent back a masterpiece and that image made all the difference.

What’s the journey been like since that song dropped?

Since I’ve dropped that song man I’ve been getting more money deposited to my account, more features, more attention, more views, organic engagement and fans, and a keen sight of what to gear more towards to capitalize on the moment.

How did you realize that this music game was possible for you? Was there a moment where you realized you could do this?

I realized the music game was possible to me when I started letting random people hear my content with unbiased opinions and their natural reaction was commending and “Damn this lil nigga got some go, naw foreal”. Shit like that assured I had something but what sealed the deal was the very first performance I ever had was at this Rec Center in Fort Worth and the biggest rapper from Dallas-Fort Worth at the time was there to see the local talent perform and he pulled me to the side and told me “I got something”. As a kid that boosted my self-esteem and sealed the deal, I can do this shit.



When you’re in the lab…what sparks your soul creatively?

My creativity comes from random things, I read and study a lot so knowledge drives a lot of my songs along with social issues and pain that I can only express freely through music. So shit that’s heavy on my brain is what drives me towards certain beats to make that serenade come together. And the production is what makes me deliver my bars the way I do, I love the flow, playing with patterns and double and triple entendre type bars.

What are your favorite tracks to perform in front of a crowd? What’s the energy like?

My favorite track to perform in front of a crowd is Trappy Chan and the energy is stupid crazy from start to finish. It’s catchy and interactive.

Are you compared to any artist?

I’m compared to Kendrick Lamar, some people say I give off the same “Feel” as him but I don’t sound like him. Recently someone compared me to Big K.R.I.T because I’m country as fuck but I’m also lyrical and southern. I feel like I can be as conscious as J. Cole but still rap as ratchet as 2 Chainz.

What’s your 5 year vision/plan of attack?

Without being too specific since I’m working with some contributors now I’ll just say the plan of attack is getting on the road and performing on big stages along similar artists. Releasing more videos consistently and dropping content in such a way that not only entices viewers and listeners but also impacts them in a heavy way.

Tell the people how to stay in touch with Jui$e Leroy.

You can find me on IG and everywhere else: @JuiseLeroy
YouTube and Spotify: Jui$e Leroy

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