Mixtape Review – Do It 4 My City

Mixtapes have been apart of the culture for many years now. From introducing new artists and DJs to becoming the de facto “Street Album”, mixtapes have been a way for the independent music business to establish it’s grind. The mixtape “Do It 4 My City” brought to you by Wellconnected and Cityprinthouse has assembled singles from the city of Indianapolis, Indiana to be showcased.

The first stand out track on this tape is brought forth by Trappa John titled “Trap317”. This record with it’s infectious tempo and Detroit influenced production stands out as a banger. In the first couple of bars he states “everybody sound like Boosie and they suck”, which is a strong statement but he keeps up for the rest of the record with little to no hook but the song definitely brings it’s point across. Directly after this record is “Little Things” by Dfyance which is THE best track on the tape in my opinion. The records production is silky smooth and transitions in a couple of different ways. The hook carries the song as in most modern music which is why I can see it having the most success based on musical composition. Continuing the run is “Therapy” by Mr. Ward. This record also has a strong hook and nice arrangement. There are more emotions through this song than most hip hop records and is a song that you can sit back and relax to. Other stand out records include Da Dutch ft Kitti Red “Wow” which has great potential as a single, “Toy Story” again by Trappa John, and “Vegetables” by Mr. 420. I believe that each record with the right push and opportunity can work.

Overall, the mixtape has a well rounded feel to it and looks to generate interest in new artists and songs which is respectful. There are songs that have that almost feel such as “Show Me” by Raelity and Osogasey by King Meezy. I think the goal of building interest in new music was achieved through this project. A couple of negatives were the overall mix which suffered some quality wise and a couple of the records which were skip worthy. Pay attention to future volumes of this project as it continues to grow and expose new and fresh talent.

Rating: 3.2 out of 5

Stand out records:

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