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SCM Awards Nominees – Stopbeefinradio “Sir Hart” Midwest Standout

You can vote at http://scmawards.com/   (Memphis, Tennessee) Voting ends March 1, 2015.

We were asked by the good people that run the SCM AWARDS to help them by making a special StopBeefinRadio selected nomination category for Midwest artists. So at the bottom of the ballot you will find the category for the Stopbeefinradio “Sir Hart Midwest Standout Award”

The CRITERIA for this category is:
1. The artist had to have been in involved in a major marketing and promotion of their product.
2. The artist had to give back to the Community and display the character to uplift those around him/her.

Each one of these artist we nominated deserve to win the category, there isn’t one slacker in the whole damn bunch at all. But only ONE will win, and thats gonna be up to their continued grind getting people to vote for them. I salute each one of these artists for working hard at their craft.

The category nominees are:
1. Tef Poe ( St. Louis )

tef poe
2. Billard ( Cleveland )

3. Jon Connor (Flint, MI )


4. Lil Scooty William King (Indianapolis, IN)

5. Hurra Season Hoe (Louisville, KY)

6. Bo Deal (Chicago, IL)

Bo Deal
7. Lil George (Detroit)

8. LP Howard (Chicago)

LP Da Assassin
9. Marley Young ( Kansas City )

marley Young

Again the winner isn’t up to me, it’s up to the artist’s supporters!
You can vote at http://scmawards.com/